Browser Requirements

Browser Requirements

We recommend using CalPlanning with Chrome on Windows 10 or through Citrix to receive the best support from the Help Desk and the CalPlanning team.

You may use these browsers:

  • Google Chrome 80+ on Windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge 80+ on Windows 10
  • Firefox ESR on Windows 10
  • Chrome and Firefox on Apple macOS is not officially supported by Oracle but it generally works

Oracle Smart View plug-in requires Windows 10 with Microsoft Excel 2016 or 2019.

If you experience issues, the Help Desk or CalPlanning team may ask you to try Citrix to troubleshoot whether the problem is with your browser.

Note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported for CalPlanning. We have observed significant problems with Internet Explorer and CalPlanning and recommend that you use Google Chrome.


To see which browser you’re currently running, visit and it will tell you which browser you are using.

Please contact with CalPlanning questions.

Thank you,
The CalPlanning Team