February 2016

The CalPlanning FY16 Forecast and FY17 Operating Budget are now available with refreshed Employee and Position data from HCM and many additional enhancements! Thank you to all the CalPlanning users that have provided feedback and continue improving the user experience.

Browser Quick TipMake sure you’re accessing CalPlanning via Citrix or IE 11. If you’re using IE 11,look here for a job aidon updating your settings.

Overview of HCP Refresh and CalPlanning Enhancements

HCP - Simplified Data Entry

  • FY16 Forecast and FY17 Operating Budget BOTH with refreshed HCP data and now available forviewinganddata entry!  
    • No mid-cycle rollover of data so budget can be reviewed and adjusted now
    • FY16 salaries have been inflated by 3% to seed FY17 salaries, except for represented staff in union ‘KB’, which has been inflated by 4%
    • Benefits and fee remission rates set in CalPlanning to automatically calculate for both years
    • HCP data and adjustments impact both the Forecast and Operating Budget throughout the planning cycle
  • Forms Simplified
    • Review Employee Details’ combine Salary, FTE and Distributions on one screen to minimize clicking
    • POV simplified: Most forms and user preferences only need Entity to be set, as POV has been embedded   (Exception: DeptID compensation adjustments, which require user preferences to be set based upon intended year, but are enterable for Forecast and Operating budget throughout the cycle)
    • Employees are sorted alphabetically by last name
    • Employee Roster(‘Manage Existing Employees and Positions’ form) refined to display FY16 and FY17 including average FTE and salary pro-rated for appt dates
  • Most HCP appointment end dates have been extended for you(important details below in detailed release notes)
  • Most Lecturers are now Pooled Positions
  • Prior Read-only HCP snapshots will be available by 2/12/16: JAN16HCP and PRIORHCP

CalPlan - Simplifed and Flexible Planning

  • FY16 Forecast (working) was copied to the FY17 Operating Budget (working)
  • The FY17 Operating Budget has been copied to Read-only Initial version for optional comparisons after planning numbers are adjusted
  • FY16 Forecast Ending Balances flow to the Beginning Balances of the FY17 Operating Budget during the planning cycle
  • FY16 and FY17 Transfers and Commitments have been loaded into CalPlanning.  Account 72210 Regents Endowment/FFE Payout has been loaded with data from FY16 Actuals. Accounts in the Campus Support 712xx, 713xx, and 714xx series have been updated with the most recent commitments data available by the Campus Budget Office.  Instructions can be found in theFY2016-17 Budget Process Operating Transfers Guidelinesand FY2016-17 Budget Guidelines and Assumptions,http://budget.berkeley.edu/budgetprocess#forms
  • Tasklist has been simplified to include both Forecast and Operating Budget
  • All CalPlan data entry forms, including intersection forms, allow data entry in Forecast and Operating Budget
  • CalPlan data entry forms additionally now display read only FY16 YTD Actuals and FY16 Operating Budget information for reference to assist in planning. This data has intentionally not been added to intersection forms to keep the number of rows minimized in the intersection forms for ease of use.
  • Improved Transfers Form, which includes planning by fund type
  • A business rule has been developed to assist with actuals data overwriting forecast data in closed months.  Because this action cannot be ‘undone’ and requires extra caution and knowledge, we are requiring that the DFL in your unit obtain PBO approval before this can be used.
  • CSS 2% assessment now runs every three hours during the data push
  • Cell comments from FY16 Forecast have been copied to FY17 Operating budget to assist in your planning.  Be sure to edit these comments as appropriate.

CalPlanning Reporting - Quick Access to Accurate Data

  • Reminder: Actuals are now available on a daily basis in CalRptg