CalPlan, our planning tool provides data entry forms, planner tasks lists, automated calculations and real time reporting for our finance teams to create, revise and analyze summarized (Org levels L2 to L7) future year Operating Budgets and in-year Forecasts by fund types for their units. These plans are the key components to UC Berkeley’s budget process. CalPlan users have unit specific "write" access.

Navigating CalPlan Training 

Navigating CalPlan introduces participants to the CalPlan application and the forms used to enter all budget data except for compensation expenses, which are entered into the Human Capital Planning (HCP) application. 

This blended learning course is structured in two parts: 2-4 hours of self-study comprised of reading and completing step-by-step exercises in the Training environment followed by a 1½ hour group session held online using Zoom. Office Hours support with the instructor is available for support for the self-study portion of the course, which must be completed prior to the group session. Enroll in Navigating CalPlan to get the invitation to the online group session and to request office hours, and and get instructions for using a training ID to log on to the Training environment.


  • The pre-requisite for this course is CalPlanning: Intro & Reporting or equivalent knowledge
  • Participants will need to have their CalPlanning role and organization entity access set up prior to this hands on computer based training session.
  • Please work with your Local CalPlanning Support person to submit a request for access.