February 2018 Release Notes

The CalPlanning FY18 Forecast and FY19 Operating Budget are now available with refreshed Employee by Job Code data from HCM and other major enhancements. Data from CalPlanning FY18 Forecast Working and HCM from the night of February 6 were sources for FY18 Forecast and FY19 Operating Budget. Thank you to all the CalPlanning Planners that have provided feedback to improve the Planner experience.

All users need to set their Financial Reporting point-of-view (POV) preferences.Please refer to the following job aid to set your POV preferences: CalPlanning: Enabling Reporting POV Preview

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In this release

Overview of HCP Refresh and CalPlanning Enhancements

Fund Simplification

In order to simplify the planning and comparison of plan values to Actuals, the 14 detailed fund types have been eliminated, leaving 5 high-level fund types to plan to. Learn more about the changes by reviewing the Plan Only Fund Members by Fund Type job aid on the CalPlanning website. Review the BFS to CalPlan Fund Map Table to identify which of the 47K+ individual funds roll up into the 5 Plan Only Fund Members. All plan data created prior to the FY19 Operating Budget have been consolidated into the new simplified plan only fund structure. This fund simplification reduced many HCP distributions (at detailed fund types) into a single distribution at the high-level fund type.

Actualized Compensation Forecast

With the new Actualized Forecast process at the close of each month, we now overwrite the Forecast values with Actuals data from BFS for all accounts: non-compensation accounts in CalPlan and compensation accounts in HCP.

The closed months (July 2017 to January 2018) of the FY18 Forecast Working now include actual compensation data. From now on at the close of each month, we will overwrite the Forecast values with Actual data from BFS for all accounts: non-compensation, revenues and transfers, changes in fund balances in CalPlan, and compensation accounts in HCP.   

Employees planned by Job Code instead of Position

Because position data is not included in our Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Actuals data, we have moved to plan employees by Job Code instead of by Position. For this reason, you will no longer see vacant positions, or FTE, as we are not planning employees by Planned Home Departments. Employees will show up in the entities where their salary expense has been incurred or planned to. FTEs can be inferred by distribution percent for planned periods. We are working on a future release to add distribution percent as a proxy for FTE in the forecast year for closed periods. Note: Position data in HCM is still relevant for conversion to UCPath. If Position data become available in Actuals, we may move back to planning by Position at a future date.

HCM Refresh into HCP

  • FY18 Forecast and FY19 Operating Budget are BOTH updated with refreshed HCP data and are now available for viewing and data entry. HCP data for individual employees is from HCM as of the night of February 6. Going forward, we will no longer overwrite open period plans with updated information from HCM. We will make that data available to Planners to incorporate if they wish. More information on this process will be communicated as it is developed.
  • HCP data for pooled positions and DeptID adjustments are converted from HCP as of the night of February 6. There may be minor amount differences of a few dollars in deptID adjustments due to rounding.
  • FY18 monthly pay rate for individual employees has been increased by 3% to seed planned FY19 salaries. To recreate what we have seen in the past in the Actuals ledger: the FY19 July to September periods do not have the salary increase, the October period reflects a 12% increase  (because the increase is usually retroactive); and the following months are increased by 3% over FY18.
  • FY18 monthly pay rate for pooled employees has been increased by 3% to seed planned FY19 salaries with the 3% merit. This increase is spread evenly in all months in FY19.
  • Mass Salary Adjustments Task List will enable users to update FY19 salaries on a mass level if needed.
  • HCP DeptID adjustment monthly amounts for February to June 2018 were loaded to FY2017-18 Forecast. The adjustment amounts were not copied to FY2018-19 Operating Budget. However, planners can copy the data to FY19 or make adjustments as needed.
  • Benefits, GAEL, and fee remission rates have been updated for both years in CalPlanning (rates are available below). The automatic calculation function for benefits and GAEL remains the same as in prior years. The calculated fee remission is now spread over the three months of September, October, November for the fall semester and over February, March, April for the spring semester, to mimic the pattern experienced in the Actuals ledger. Most HCP monthly salary and distributions have been extended for you. Contract appointment employees were not extended. Employees who separated on or before December 31, 2017 were not extended. Recommended action: Planners will need to check to make sure the extended distributions do not result in overplanned employees in the FY2018-19 Operating Budget.
  • Prior Read-only HCP snapshot application, Jan18HCP, is available to allow you to look back to see what your CalPlan and HCP Forecast looked like as of the night of February 6.

FY18 Forecast to FY19 Operating Budget

  • FY18 Forecast Working as of the night of February 6 was copied to the FY19 Operating Budget Working.
  • A snapshot of the FY19 Operating Budget Working was taken to create the Read-only Initial version. This version is available in reporting for optional comparisons, after planning numbers are adjusted.
  • FY18 Forecast Working Ending Balances flow to the Beginning Balances of the FY19 Operating Budget Working throughout the planning cycle.
  • FY18 and FY19 Central Transfers and Commitments have been loaded into CalPlanning from a combination of Actuals data and planned data from the Campus Commitment Database.  
    • General allocation account 71110 was updated to Actual values for FY2017-18 with the actualizing of plan values for everything but compensation data in Dec 2017. The FY2018-19 general allocation account 71110 has been seeded with January permanent budget data.  
    • Account 72210 Regents Endowment/FFE FY2017-18 Actual Payout has been copied to the FY2018-19 Operating Budget. Information from University Development and Donor Relations (UDAR) about fund performance will be available in the FY2018-19 Operating Budget Guidelines for potential planner adjustments.
    • Accounts in the Campus Support 712xx and 714xx series have been updated with the most recent commitments data available by the Campus Budget Office for open periods for both planning years. New Intersection Detail reports have been run and have been loaded to your Divisional Folders in Google Drive for the detail behind the dollars loaded. (Inclusion in the Intersection Detail Report does not indicate a final commitment. All amounts are subject to change.) Data in these accounts for closed periods reflects actual transacted commitments.
  • Accounts in the 713xx series have been updated for closed periods with Actuals for the FY2017-18 Forecast.  Accounts in the 71xxx series will be further updated with Form A data provided by the DFLs for both planning years. Cell comments from FY18 Forecast have been copied to FY19 Operating Budget to assist in your planning. We recommend you edit these comments as appropriate.

What is in the FY18 Forecast Working and FY19 Operating Budget

The table below outlines what was seeded in the FY18 Forecast Working and FY19 Operating Budget. Please review the associated job aid “What’s in my Forecast & Operating Budget” for more information.

FY18 Forecast Working

CalPlan & HCP July 2017 to January 2018 overwritten with Actual data for all accounts

CalPlan February 2018 to June 2018

FY18 Forecast Working the night of Feb 6 for all accounts except for compensation

HCP February to June periods*

  • HCM the night of Feb 6 to HCP for individual employees

  • HCP the night of Feb 6 converted for pooled positions and dept ID adjustments

*As in previous years, to-be-hired (TBH’s) were deleted from HCP for the forecast year.

FY19 Operating Budget

CalPlan July to January periods

  • Beginning balance = FY18 Forecast Working ending balance

  • Campus Support accounts (and account 75101) from PermBudget and central commitments data

  • All other accounts from FY18 Actuals except HCP

CalPlan February to June periods

  • FY18 Forecast Working the night of Feb 6 for all accounts except for compensation*

*Compensation in this context includes fee remissions

HCP July to June periods

  • HCM the night of Feb 6 to HCP for individual employees

  • HCP the night of Feb 6 converted for pooled positions

  • DeptID Adjustments were not copied into FY2018-19 (but FY2017-18 data are available for copying or adjusting into FY2018-19)

Simplified HCP Design

The HCP application has been redesigned to simplify and improve the process of creating and editing compensation plans. The changes include:

  • Replaced effective dates with editable month fields for pay rate and distributions, to allow planners to more easily update and review employee and pooled position details directly by month. There is now less right-clicking.
  • The FTE of an employee can be inferred from the sum of their distribution percentages. For example, a half-time employee with two chartstring distributions will have 25% in one distribution and 25% in the other.
  • Position has been replaced with Job Code, so there are no longer vacant Positions in HCP. You are able to create to-be-hired (TBH) employees.
  • There is visibility to the Year Total Forecast Working by Month.
  • Planning Pooled Employees has been made more accurate by allowing planners to select account codes to plan to vs having fixed account codes by pooled type  (e.g., lecturer can now be planned with regular benefits, limited benefits, or exempt from benefits).  
  • Planners are now limited to one Pooled Position type per chartstring. Multiple Pooled positions on a single intersection that existed in prior HCP have been consolidated in simplified HCP (as has the comment field). Recommended action: These pooled positions need Planner review because the average monthly salary amount and the sum of the consolidated distributions were populated using algorithms into the new single pooled position. In some cases, this algorithm may not have produced results that tie to prior HCP.
  • Allows simplified analysis and reconciliation between Human Capital Management (HCM) data and HCP plans.
  • Provides enhanced reporting on comments in HCP.
  • Allows compensation planning to be done and uploaded using forms in Smart View.

CalPlanning Reporting - Quick Access to Accurate Data

  • Reminder: Actuals are available on a daily basis in CalRptg.

Details for Reference

Composite Benefit Rates, Fee Remission, and GAEL

Composite Benefit Rates (CBR)












Students (Graduate and Undergraduate)



Fee Remission by

HCP Pooled Position Type



GSR - Resident


$ 9,664.00

GSR - Non-Resident






Reader/Tutor - Student





General, Automobile, and Employment Liability (GAEL) rate



See the Composite Benefit Rates (CBR) or General, Automobile, and Employment Liability (GAEL) websites for more information.

Funds Remapped

The five funds listed below have been remapped from Unrestricted Funds > Student Tuition and Fees to Designated Unrestricted > Designated Student Fees.

20254 - G.O.L.D. Fee


20256 - Wellness Fee

20258 - Housing Security Award Fund

20267 - Campus Climate and Equity Fee

The FY18 July to January Actual and Actualized Forecast data reflect this change.

In CalPlan, FY18 beginning balances for Actual and Forecast remain in Unrestricted Funds > Student Tuition and Fees. In CalRptg, FY18 Forecast Working and FY19 Operating Budget beginning balances also remain in Unrestricted Funds > Student Tuition and Fees. The funds are under the new parents Designated Unrestricted > Designated Student Fees only for Actual in CalRptg. The beginning balances that remain under the old parents in CalPlan and CalRptg will be adjusted in March with the load of February actuals.

Dept ID Inactivation

As part of this release, we applied changes for DeptIDs that are in the process of being inactivated. Actuals remain in the original entity but the Forecast and Operating Budget amounts have been  moved to the mapped entity.

For the list of already inactive DeptIDs as well as DeptIDs planned for inactivation as of the 1/25/2018, go to the DeptID planned for inactivation webpage and click on the "DeptID status in CalPlan list" link.

Some Chart1 Members removed from CalPlan

The following Chart1 members removed from CalPlan and HCP per Divisions’ requests. Data in those members were mapped to C1_SUMPLN. We remove Chart1 members once a year on the same schedule and process as the Dept ID Inactivation.

C1 - CAGPGF - Global Programs General Fund

C1 - CAIN13 - India Fellwshp Global Programs

C1 - CAJ142 - Jiangsu Top-Tier Oct 2013

C1 - CAJS14 - Jiangsu Programs - IA

C1 - CAKU13 - Kochi Univ - Global Programs

C1 - CANG13 - Nigeria 2013

C1 - CANG14 - Nigeria Program 2014

C1 - CAPS13 - China MoPS 2013

C1 - CAILSP - GEP - Ind Leaders Scholar Prog

C1 - CAHK14 - GEP - Hong Kong CSB Sp2014

C1 - CL0001 - Law Generic CF1 #1

C1 - CL0002 - Law Generic CF1 #2

C1 - CL0003 - Law Generic CF1 #3

C1 - CL0004 - Law Generic CF1 #4

C1 - CL0005 - Law Generic CF1 #5

C1 - CL0006 - Law Generic CF1 #6

C1 - CL0007 - Law Generic CF1 #7

C1 - CL0008 - Law Generic CF1 #8

C1 - CL0009 - Law Generic CF1 #9

C1 - CL0010 - Law Generic CF1 #10

C1 - CL0011 - Law Generic CF1 #11

C1 - CL0012 - Law Generic CF1 #12

C1 - CL0013 - Law Generic CF1 #13

C1 - CL0014 - Law Generic CF1 #14

C1 - CL0015 - Law Generic CF1 #15

C1 - CL0016 - Law Generic CF1 #16

C1 - CL0017 - Law Generic CF1 #17

C1 - CL0018 - Law Generic CF1 #18

C1 - CL0019 - Law Generic CF1 #19

C1 - CL0020 - Law Generic CF1 #20

C1 - CL0021 - Law Generic CF1 #21

C1 - CL0022 - Law Generic CF1 #22

C1 - CL0023 - Law Generic CF1 #23

C1 - CL0024 - Generic Law CF #24

C1 - CL0025 - Generic Law CF #25

C1 - CL0026 - Generic Law CF #26

C1 - CL0027 - Generic Law CF #27

C1 - CL0027 - Generic Law CF #28

C1 - CL0029 - Generic Law CF #29

C1 - CL0030 - Generic Law CF #30

C1 - CL0031 - Generic Law CF #31

C1 - CL0032 - Generic Law CF #32

C1 - CL0033 - Generic Law CF #33

C1 - CL0034 - Generic Law CF #34

C1 - CL0035 - Generic Law CF #35

C1 - CL0036 - Generic Law CF #36

C1 - CL0037 - Generic Law CF #37

C1 - CL0038 - Generic Law CF #38

C1 - CL0039 - Generic Law CF #39

C1 - CL0040 - Generic Law CF #40

C1 - CLFACB - Faculty Budgets

C1 - CLOTHR - Other Funding

C1 - CLRELO - Faculty Relocation Payments

C1 - CLHOUS - Faculty Housing Payments