Getting Started

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1. Request CalPlanning access 

        Get access to CalPlanning

To get access to CalPlanning, contact your local CalPlanning Access Provider and request access. Each unit has a CalPlanning Access Provider who can submit a CalPlanning User Access Request Form to change the type of access or provide new access.

 Access requirements

  Access to the CalPlanning tools requires both:

1. Approval from your Divisional Finance Leader

2. Participation in CalPlanning Training

New users make sure to enroll in the next available CalPlanning training when you request access. 

Existing user, either previously completed training is required for user access level or a verbal agreement in place with Unit to provide coaching and training as needed.

2. Get support

      CalPlanning support 

  • Review the Getting Started Guide
    • Check in with your local CalPlanning Access Provider and a CalPlanning Tool Assistant. Find out who your contact person is by reviewing the Local Unit CalPlanning Support list. 
    • For technical help with CalPlanning, contact the Help Desk:
      • Available Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm PST, except University holidays:
      • Call (510) 664-9000 option 1 (for IT), then 2 (for CalPlanning)
      • Or, email

3. Log into CalPlanning

Berkeley Campus Network Required: CalPlanning is only available on the UC Berkeley network or through Citrix. If you are not on campus, you will need to connect to the bSecure Remote Access VPN (aka GlobalProtect) before trying to reach CalPlanning or use Citrix.

There are two ways to login to CalPlanning:

1. Citrix

The easiest way to login to CalPlanning is through Citrix. This way, you do not need to worry about which browser you are using to log in. You will need to install Citrix before logging in. You can find instructions on how to install Citrix here

Once you have installed Citrix, point your web browser to , log in with your CalNet credentials, then click on CalPlanning.

2. Browser Login

You can login directly via your browser but to do so you must have the right browser version, as well as set your browser and CalPlanning default settings. See this job aid (pdf) for details.

Click on the “CalPlanning Login” button on the home screen.

Helpful Links for New Users

Browser Requirements

We recommend using CalPlanning with Chrome on Windows 10 or through Citrix to receive the best support from the Help Desk and the CalPlanning team.

You may use these browsers:

  • Google Chrome 80+ on Windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge 80+ on Windows 10
  • Firefox ESR on Windows 10
  • Chrome and Firefox on Apple macOS is not officially supported by Oracle but it generally works

Oracle Smart View plug-in requires Windows 10 with Microsoft Excel 2016 or 2019.

If you experience issues, the Help Desk or CalPlanning team may ask you to try Citrix to troubleshoot whether the problem is with your browser.

Note: Internet Explorer is no longer supported for CalPlanning. We have observed significant problems with Internet Explorer and CalPlanning and recommend that you use Google Chrome.


To see which browser you’re currently running, visit and it will tell you which browser you are using.

Please contact with CalPlanning questions.

Thank you,
The CalPlanning Team