September 2019 Release Notes

September 19, 2019

September 2019 CalPlanning Release Notes

The CalPlan planning application is available with FY20 beginning balance, July, and August Actuals (this data has been available in CalRptg). The FY2019-20 Forecast Working version has also been updated with beginning balance, July, and August Actuals.

In addition to the information below, you may want to review the August 2019 Release Notes for information about FY20 Forecast and FY21 Operating Budget.

All new users need to set their Financial Reporting point-of-view (POV) preferences.Please refer to the following job aid to set your POV preferences: CalPlanning: Enabling Reporting POV Preview

Browser Quick Tip: Make sure you’re accessing CalPlanning via Citrix or IE 11. If you’re using IE 11, review this job aid on updating your settings.

1. Intersection Detail Report Updates

71XXX Changes -   Please note that we have moved some planned data in the month of August to future months. We’ve outlined exactly what we moved below.

  • Budget decisions that were planned in August have been moved to the month of September (preserving all other parts of the POV), when they will be transacted in the ledger. In the few instances where there was already data planned in the respective intersections in the month of September, the budget decision amounts were added to the intersection.

  • Form A planned Faculty separations and hires were moved from the month of August to the month of November, when we expect the actions to be made in both the permanent budget and the actuals ledgers.  Please review the DFL weekly communication for more information on this subject.

    • Separations:  Faculty separations expected to occur 12/31/18 or 6/30/19 (salary only) that were not included in the permanent budget by December 2018 were moved from the intersection: account 71110; Fund Unrestricted Plan; Month August; Chart1 C1 - 3ZACOM - Commencement Expense to the same intersection in the month of November 2019.  They were moved within their respective planned DeptIDs.

    • Hires:  Faculty hires expected to occur 7/1/19 or 1/1/20 (salary only) were moved from the intersection: account 71110; Fund Unrestricted Plan; Month August; Chart1 C1 - 3U00MC - Fac Recruitment to the same intersection in the month of November. They were moved within their respective planned DeptIDs.

    • Benefits on Hires:  Planned by the DFL for faculty hires expected to occur 7/1/19 or 1/1/20 were moved from the intersection: account 71110; Fund Unrestricted Plan; Month August; Chart1 C1 - 3S0RES - Multi-disc StUp Endow Chr to the same intersection in the month of November.  They were moved within their respective planned deptIds. 

    • Benefits on Separations: We haven’t moved these yet because they overlap with benefits on other planned faculty salary actions that are in the budget and forecast in the month of September (so they were not overwritten with actuals this month).

2. Actualized Forecast

With the Actualized Forecast process at the close of each month, we overwrite the Forecast values with Actuals data from BFS for all accounts: non-compensation accounts in CalPlan and compensation accounts in HCP.

The closed months (July 2019 to August 2019) of the FY20 Forecast Working now reflect actual data. 

3. FY20 Beginning Balance Details

Beginning Balances reported in CalPlan and CalRptg contain data seeded from BFS FY20 period 0 Actuals.

For most funds, Beginning Balances do not contain period 0 TempBudg. Only a small number of Contract and Grant (C&G) funds, including Financial Aid and Federal Appropriation funds, have continued to use TempBudg in BFS since the C&G implementation, so their Beginning Balances continue to include Period 0 TempBudg and Actuals in CalPlanning.

These ranges are as follows:

  • Financial Aid Funds (ranges 23490-23548, 23601-23603, and 33980-33990)

  • Federal Appropriation Funds (ranges 21000-21099 and 33870-33899)

NOTE: Data for inactive Contract and Grant (C&G) funds are excluded from CalPlanning for FY20 Beginning Balances.

4. New CalPlan form Drill Through - Account Details

The new Drill Through - Account Details  CalPlan form that allows users to Plan at the account level  across all Entities, Funds and Chart1.

The form provides an easy way to navigate from high level Entity, Fund and Chart1 for a single account to the lowest level of details of planning data for that particular account. The Form also allows users to go back to the high level through clicking on the breadcrumbs provided in the top of the navigated form. 

See the job aid for details on where to find and how to use the new form

5. HCP Updates planned in mid October

Here is what we have planned for mid October, with the re-opening of HCP:

  • HCP

    • Convert job code, employee ID, and account code with UCPath versions

    • Add the UCRP calculation functionality to HCP

    • Update CBR calculation to work with the new salary accounts that were added since UCPath was implemented (A50200 and A51200)

    • Copy FY20 to FY21

    • Increase FY21 monthly pay rates by 3%

    • Update fee remission rates for FY20 and FY21

6. Composite Benefit Rate approval

We are waiting for the Federal government to approve the final FY20 CBR rates. We will update HCP with the new rates after the Federal government approves the rates.

7. CalPlanning Reporting - Quick Access to Accurate Data

Reminder: Actuals are available on a daily basis in CalRptg.