Local CalPlanning access and support

Each campus unit has identified a

  • CalPlanning Access Provider responsible for requesting CalPlanning access for new users as well as changes to access for existing users
  • CalPlanning Tool Assistant responsible to answer questions about using the CalPlanning tools to support local budget processes

Please reference the table below to identify your unit's contacts for each role.

CalPlanning Access Provider
CalPlanning Tool Assistant
Administration Elena Wen Jiang Elena Wen Jiang
Academic & Space Planning Jules Freedman Jules Freedman
Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive Richard Tellinghuisen Richard Tellinghuisen
Berkeley Law Shivani Bhatia Shivani Bhatia
Cal Performances Calvin Eng Calvin Eng
College of Environmental Design Susan Retta Eric Gillet
College of Chemistry Suzanne Sutton Suzanne Sutton
College of Engineering Dat Le Dat Le
College of Natural Resources Lee Borrowman Lee Borrowman
Data Science Rebecca Miller Rebecca Miller
Equity & Inclusion  Marsha Jaeger Marsha Jaeger
Finance Kevin Mack Kevin Mack
Goldman School of Public Policy Merle Hancock Merle Hancock
Graduate Division Kirsten Kirkpatrick Kirsten Kirkpatrick
Graduate School of Education Alex Luna Alex Luna
Haas School of Business Sumit Dhewajoo Sumit Dhewajoo
Intercollegiate Athletics Thomas Lowry Thomas Lowry
L&S Arts & Humanities Kris Leonardo Kris Leonardo
L&S Biological Sciences Heidi Wagner Heidi Wagner
L&S Core Zulfat Mathers Zulfat Mathers
L&S Math & Physical Sciences Wanda Nieters Wanda Nieters
L&S Social Sciences Holli Griffin Strauss Holli Griffin Strauss
L&S Undergraduate Division Jean Delaney Jean Delaney
Office of the Chancellor Wanda Ellison Crockett Rodney Butler
Office of the EVCP & Academic Senate Jules Freedman Jules Freedman
Office of the Faculty Jules Freedman Jules Freedman
Research, Policy, Planning & Administration David Castellanos David Castellanos
School of Information Jenny Collins Angela Chang
School of Journalism Annette Garcia Annette Garcia
School of Optometry Luis Ruiz Luis Ruiz
School of Public Health Emily Schwarz Emily Schwarz
School of Social Welfare Dana Kowalski Dana Kowalski
Student Affairs Kate Steiner Kate Steiner
Summer Session & Study Abroad Moon Jang-Shinn Moon Jang-Shinn
UC Library Susan Swarts Susan Swarts
Undergraduate Education Indu Tandon Indu Tandon
University Extension Bob Clark Bob Clark
University Development & Alumni Relations Loraine Binion Loraine Binion

For CalPlanning technical troubleshooting, please contact the CSS IT Help Desk at at calplanhelp@berkeley.edu or (510) 664-9000 option 1 (for IT), then 2 (for CalPlanning).

We will update the CalPlanning home page if there is an outage. Keep in mind that it may take some time for an outage reported to the Help Desk to be escalated to the technical team, verified, and noted on the home page.

Check out the CalPlanning User Access section on the CalPlanning Getting Started page for information on requesting CalPlanning User Access and a link to the form.

Please contact the CFO Communications team with any questions or changes to your unit's support roles.