November 2021 Release Notes

November 19, 2021

November 2021 CalPlanning Release Notes

The CalPlanning FY22 Operating Budget Final is now available for reporting only. 

FY22 Operating Budget Final

We copied the FY22 Operating Budget Working version to FY22 Operating Budget Final. The FY22 Operating Budget Working and Final versions are nearly identical to FY22 Operating Budget Planner Submission except for these differences:

  • Working and Final versions include leadership budget decisions

  • Working and Final versions beginning balances have been updated to include finalized FY22 Actuals 

FY22 Beginning Balance Details

Beginning Balances reported in CalPlan and CalRptg contain data seeded from BFS FY22 period 0 Actuals.

For most funds, Beginning Balances do not contain period 0 TempBudg. Only a small number of Contract and Grant (C&G) funds, including Financial Aid and Federal Appropriation funds, have continued to use TempBudg in BFS since the C&G implementation, so their Beginning Balances continue to include Period 0 TempBudg and Actuals in CalPlanning.

These ranges are as follows:

  • Financial Aid Funds (ranges 23513-23548, 23601-23603, and 33980-33990)

  • Federal Appropriation Funds (ranges 21000-21099 and 33870-33899)

NOTE: Data for inactive Contract and Grant (C&G) funds are excluded from CalPlanning for FY22 Beginning Balances.

Known Issue

Due to a fiscal year-end accounting reclassification affecting CENRL and ACCTL, the FY22 Beginning Balance for those divisions is temporarily blank in CalPlan and CalRptg FY22 Operating Budget Working and Final.