UC Berkeley’s Financial Planning and Analysis Tool

Reporting functionality is available from CalPlanning and Smart View using the CalRptg and HCPRptg databases.

The CalPlan and HCP planning tools are not available for planning FY21 Operating Budget as it is being reviewed and finalized. See the budget process page for updates as they become available.

CalPlanning maintenance on Sunday, November 22 - completed

The scheduled CalPlanning system for Sunday, November 22 is complete.

CalPlan Actuals loads

We loaded CalPlan with June 2020 Actuals on Friday, August 14 in order to update the FY2020-21 Operating Budget Working version beginning balances. As this is an unusual year, where the budget is still not finalized, the FY2019-20 Forecast Working version equals FY2019-20 Actual Final. Although there are other factors involved in determining beginning balances (such as movements from the Tempbudget), the FY2020-21 Operating Budget Working version beginning balances now closely approximates beginning balances from Actuals.

We will not update FY2020-21 Operating Budget Working version with Actuals, in order to minimize entries by the units to offset timing variances.

We will load CalPlan with FY2020-21 beginning balance, July, August,  September, and October Actuals and open the FY2020-21 Forecast (with Actuals) after the Operating Budget is finalized. We will also open the FY2021-22 budget at the same time.

CalPlanning Scenario Version Updates


  • Operating Budget Planner Submission is read-only as of end of day November 10, 2020.
  • Operating Budget Initial read-only snapshot is available to view in reporting.


  • Forecast Working includes data with the July to June periods Actualized.
  • Forecast Planner Submission is read-only as of end of day November 10, 2020.
  • Forecast Prior Month (PriorMnth) is read-only as of end of day May 22, 2020.
  • Actual Final CalRptg is updated with closed month October 2020 actual data.
  • Actual Final in CalPlan is updated with closed month June 2020 actual data.
  • Actual Final in CalRptg is updated nightly with actual data as of close of business.

FY2020-21 Beginning Balance Actual Data Load

September 2020 Actual Data Load

  • CalRptg was updated with closed September 2020 Actuals on Saturday, October 10
  • CalPlan will be loaded with FY21 beginning balance, July, August, and September Actuals after the October 23 budget submission deadline

More BFS Monthly Close and BFS Fiscal Close details can be found on the Controller's website.