UC Berkeley’s Financial Planning and Analysis Tool

CalPlan and HCP will be unavailable after 7:00 pm, Friday, May 7 so that the Financial Planning & Analysis team can review the Forecast submissions. The CalPlanning reporting tools (CalRptg, HCPRptg, Smart View) will remain available.

CalRptg and HCPRptg reporting functionality is available from CalPlanning and Smart View. Reminder: Click on the Explore button to run reports.

The CalPlan and HCP planning tools are available for planning FY21 Forecast. See the March 2021 Release Notes for information.

CalPlanning Scenario Version Updates


We will open FY22 Operating Budget at a later date. Due to the continued uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and other budget assumptions, the FY22 Operating Budget is currently blank and uneditable. We plan to pre-populate the FY22 Operating Budget with the Final version of the FY21 Operating Budget along with updated Campus Commitments when we open the FY22 budget.


  • Forecast Working includes data with the July to February periods Actualized.
  • Forecast Prior Month (PriorMnth) is read-only as of end of day March 16, 2021.
  • Actual Final CalRptg is updated with closed month March 2021 actual data.
  • Actual Final in CalPlan is updated with closed month February 2021 actual data.
  • Actual Final in CalRptg is updated nightly with actual data as of close of business.

March 2021 Actual Data Load

  • CalRptg was updated with closed March 2021 Actuals on Monday, April 12
  • CalPlan and HCP and HCPRptg will be updated with FY21 March and April Actuals in mid-May

More BFS Monthly Close and BFS Fiscal Close details can be found on the Controller's website.