October 2015

October 2015 Release Notes

October 16, 2015

Please note the following updates regarding CalPlanning:

  1. FY16 September Actuals have been loaded and are available in CalPlanning.
  2. 2% CSS Assessment is running on FY16 Forecast Working.
  3. There have been updates to the preferred CalPlanning browser, Internet Explorer.

1. September Actuals Available

CalPlanning is now available withSeptember 2015 Actualsloaded.

2. 2% CSS Assessment running on FY16 Forecast Working

  • The 2% CSS Assessment is now automatically calculated in FY16 Forecast Working. The assessment is run on a nightly basis.
  • In applying this 2% CSS Assessment calculation to the FY16 Forecast, we have slightly refined how the rule was run on the FY16 Operating Budget. The refined rule will not re- run the  2% CSS Assessment on the FY16 Operating Budget as those numbers are final.
  • When we opened up FY16 Operating Budget earlier this year, we created a rule to automatically calculate a 2% CSS Assessment fee for all units. The rule was run on the FY16 Operating Budget because not all the Entities in the FY15 Forecast had been added to CSS yet. Therefore, we began applying the 2% CSS Assessment to the FY16 Operating Budget onwards. For more detail on the CSS 2% Assessment rule applied to the FY16 Operating Budget, please refer to theMarch 2015 Release Notes

The refinements to the rule calculation are below:

2% CSS Assessment Calculation Excludes:

  • Recharge_Income Account

Listed below are the complete specifications for the 2% CSS Assessment now applied to FY16 Forecast Working:

Funds - the lowest level of Total_Funds excluding certain Funds:

  • Unrestricted_Gifts
  • Unrestricted_Endowments_FFEs
  • 20252 - Rec Sports Program Fee
  • 20253 - The Green Initiative Fund Fee
  • Designated_Student_Fees_Plan
  • Recharge_Activities
  • NonCurrent_Funds

Entity – applicable to only certain entities

  • 1_COLLS
  • 1_COLLE
  • 1_SCHOL
  • 1_UCLIB
  • 1_VCRAC
  • 1_VCRMS

A56637 = "Total Expenses" less certain Accounts * 0.02 excluding Accounts:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Other_Sch_Fellow
  • *Recharge_Income

*Newly added exclusion to the 2% CSS Assessment rule

3. Accessing CalPlanning - Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) Browser Update

There’s been a change to the supported browser for CalPlanning, Internet Explorer. Microsoft is discontinuing security updates for Internet Explorer versions older than Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). Because of this, campus desktop support will be available for IE 11 browsers but is being discontinued for older versions. You will now need to be using IE 11 Enterprise Mode to connect to CalPlanning.

  • If you access CalPlanning viaCitrix, browsers are managed for you behind the scenes so you can ignore the rest of this browser message.
  • If you are using a “campus managed” computer (a computer supported by CSS IT), this update will likely have been made for you automatically and you won’t have to take any action. You can just keep signing in to CalPlanning as usual.
  • If you run into an error message about an unsupported browser, you likely need to add the CalPlanning URL to your Internet Explorer trusted sites. You can find information explaining how to do this here. If you have problems signing in, submit a ticket to CSS IT.
  • If you are on an unsupported or personal computer or a Mac, you’ll need to sign in using Citrix.

If you have trouble trying to sign in, please contact your desktop support orsubmit a ticket to CSS IT

Which browser am I using?

To see which browser you’re currently running, visit whatsmybrowser.org and it will tell you which browser you are using.

Please contact calplanhelp@berkeley.edu with questions.