March 2021 Release Notes

March 5, 2021 (revised March 5, 2021, 5 pm)

March 2021 CalPlanning Release Notes

The CalPlanning tools (CalPlan, HCP, CalRptg, HCPRptg, SmartView) are available with 2021 January Actuals. Updates include:

  • FY2020-21 Forecast Working version has January Actuals

  • Annual removal of DeptIDs for planning has been completed

  • Simplified the way that Pooled Positions and Fee Remission are planned in HCP

  • Loaded updated FY21 UCPath HCM data for planners to review and selectively copy to HCP

Please remember: When the "Copy HCM by Entity to Plan" is used by the planner, ALL "To Be Hired" data will be cleared in that entity. Make note of "To Be Hired" data (i.e., export the forms to Excel) in case you need to re-enter it.

We will open FY22 Operating Budget at a later date. Due to the continued uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and other budget assumptions, the FY22 Operating Budget is currently blank and uneditable. We plan to pre-populate the FY22 Operating Budget with the Final version of the FY21 Operating Budget along with updated Campus Commitments when we open the FY22 budget.You may see Beginning Balance and Ending Balance in FY22 Operating Budget but those are calculated fields that equal FY21 Forecast Ending Balance. 

Recommended MyOrg Preferences

To help make the CalPlan and HCP forms perform more quickly for you, we suggest that you set your preferences as: 

  • CalPlan MyOrg preference to an L4 org or below

  • HCP MyOrg preference to an L6 or L7 org

This will bring back fewer intersections to display in your form and improve performance for everyone.

HCP - Change in Planning Pooled Positions

We have implemented a change at the request of planners to the way pooled positions are input into HCP. 

Previously, managing Pooled Positions required inputting and maintaining a monthly rate and FTE and distribution percentage. Now Pooled Position salary expense can be directly input with one amount (similar to DeptID adjustments). See the training materials for details on the new method for planning Pooled Positions

HCP - Change in Planning Fee Remissions

Previously, Fee Remissions were planned with Pooled Positions with a headcount. We have separated planning Fee Remissions to its own task and form and provided planners with the flexibility of planning either with a headcount, which is multiplied by the fee remission rate, or by amount. Keep in mind that if a headcount and an amount are input for the same Pooled Position-full chartstring combination, then the headcount will override the entered amount.

Note: When you create a Pooled Position that has fee remission, you'll need to go to the Manage Fee Remission task/form and add the Pooled Fee Remission there as well.

See the training materials for details on the new method for planning Fee Remission

Review HCM data to add to Plan

The "Review HCM data to add to Plan" task and forms can be helpful for updating your plan: with the current and future pay rates and distributions for existing employees, with new hires and transfers into your department, and with employees who have left your department and should be removed from your plan.

  • The "Review HCM data to add to Plan" task and forms are available.

    • The HCM data is from UCPath on the night of Friday, February 26. 

    • Contains only FY21 data at this time. FY22 data will be added when we open FY22 Operating Budget.

  • The HCM data was modified in the following ways to minimize manual correction for planners:

    • Salaries for employees paid over 10 months corrected to remove the need for manual salary adjustments. HCP spreads annual salaries over 12 months. Employees with ‘1/10’ in their titles had their annual salary multiplied by 12/10 so that the 12-month spread and annual salary are correctly calculated.

    • Employees with end dates were extended, except contract appointment employees and employees who separated or were on unpaid leave before 1/1/2020.

  • REMINDER: When the Copy HCM by Entity to Plan is used by the planner, ALL To Be Hired data will be cleared in that entity. Make note of To Be Hired data (i.e. export the forms to Excel) in case you need to re-enter it.

See the Review HCM Data to Add to Plan job aid, the training materials, and video for details on how to use this functionality

FY21 February to June data in HCP

Currently the monthly pay rate and distributions in HCP for FY21 February to June are what departmental planners planned for the FY21 Operating Budget and updated for FY21 Forecast up to the night of February 19, 2021. If you are not seeing the expected calculated salary expense for your employees, make sure that a monthly salary rate and distribution exist for the employee, DeptID, job code combination in the Manage Existing Employees and Job Codes form. You can also use the Monthly HCM data to add to Plan form to update the current HCM monthly pay and distribution to your HCP plan.

CalPlanning Refresher Training

Keep an eye out for a CalPlanning Refresher Training on the training page of the CalPlanning website. We will highlight some features and things to know as you update your budgets. Also see the training page for other upcoming training opportunities.

Details for Reference

Composite Benefit Rates, Fee Remission, and GAEL

The rates currently in HCP appear below. We've also added a form tab to HCP Manage Existing Employees and Job Codes with the CBR, GAEL, and UCRP rates. We added the fee remission rates as a form tab in HCP Manage Fee Remission.

Composite Benefit Rates (CBR)






Limited (this includes Postdocs)


Employees with No Benefit Eligibility




Fee Remission by 

HCP Pooled Position Type per Semester


GSR - Resident


GSR - Non-Resident




Reader/Tutor - Student




General, Automobile, and Employment Liability (GAEL) rate


University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) Supplemental Allocation


See the Composite Benefit Rates (CBR), General, Automobile, and Employment Liability (GAEL), or UCRP Supplemental Interest Assessmentwebsites for more information.