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The CalPlanning planning tools (CalPlan, HCP) are currently unavailable so the Financial Planning & Analysis team can review budget submissions. CalPlan and HCP will remain unavailable until mid-December while the FY22 Operating Budget is finalized.

CalRptg and HCPRptg reporting is available from CalPlanning and Smart View. Reminder: Click on the Explore button to access reports, including the Key Controls report.

If you have not logged into CalPlanning since our system upgrade on July 6, you will need to do some first-time setup. See the job aid as a pdf or webpage for instructions.

August 13, 2021 Update: Several users recently reported timeout errors in Smart View after Windows patcheswere applied. We are working to resolve the problem. In the meantime, affected users can access Smart View via Citrix without issue. Please contact the Help Desk at calplanhelp@berkeley.edu if you require assistance.

November 2021 Actual Data Load

  • CalRptg was updated with closed November 2021 Actuals on Thursday, November 18
  • CalPlan and HCP and HCPRptg will updated with FY22 July to October Actuals when we open FY22 Forecast

FY22 Fiscal Year Beginning Balance available for reporting for L3 divisions in CalPlanning.

More BFS Monthly Close and BFS Fiscal Close details can be found on the Controller's website