Late January 2020 Release Notes

January 31, 2020

Late January 2020 CalPlanning Release Notes

The CalPlanning tools (CalPlan, HCP, CalRptg, HCPRptg, SmartView) are available. HCP has been updated with the new CBR structure and rates and we loaded updated UCPath HCM data for planners to review and selectively copy to HCP.

Composite Benefit Rates, Fee Remission, GAEL, & UCRP

Composite Benefit Rates were updated on January 31, 2020. The fee remission rates, GAEL, & URRP rates were updated in CalPlanning in October 2019.

Distributions that were previously mapped to CBR Exempt were converted to the No Benefit Eligibility rate, except for Postdoc job codes which were mapped to the Limited rate and GSR/GSI/Reader/Tutor/Student pooled job codes were mapped to the Student rate. See the HCP CBR job aid for details

Composite Benefit Rates (CBR)









Limited (this includes Postdocs)



Employees with No Benefit Eligibility






Fee Remission by 

HCP Pooled Position Type per Semester



GSR - Resident



GSR - Non-Resident






Reader/Tutor - Student






General, Automobile, and Employment Liability (GAEL) rate



University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) Supplemental Allocation



UCPath HCM available for review and copy to your HCP plan

In addition, the CalPlanning Human Capital Plan (HCP) tool has been updated so that you can review and copy existing employee distributions from Human Capital Management (HCM) to your HCP plan. This will allow planners to focus on key variances between HCM and HCP in salary and/or distributions. This will be helpful if you don’t regularly update your plans or if your unit has gone through a large reorganization. Pooled positions and DeptID Adjustments are not affected by this functionality.

One major change as of January 2020: When the Copy HCM by Entity to Plan is used by the planner, ALL To Be Hired data will be cleared in that entity. Make note of To Be Hired data (i.e. export the forms to Excel)  in case you need to re-enter it.

The UCPath Human Capital Management (HCM) data available for review in HCP is a snapshot of Human Capital HCM data from the night of 1/27/2020. The dataset includes active and paid leave employees with distributions effective July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021 with earn codes:

  • REG - Regular Pay

  • RFA - Regular-Flat Amount

  • RG7 - NRA Regular Pay

  • RG8 - NRA Regular Pay

  • RG9 - NRA Regular Pay

  • FEL - Fellowship Qual NRA Taxable

  • FEN - Fellowship Qual Non-Tax

  • CRG - Contract Earnings

  • HSR - HSCP-Regular (X)

  • SPR - Staff Physician Pay-Regular

The HCM data was modified in the following ways to minimize manual correction for planners:

  • Salaries for employees paid over 10 months corrected to remove the need for manual salary adjustments. HCP spreads annual salaries over 12 months. Employees with ‘1/10’ in their titles had their annual salary multiplied by 12/10 so that the 12-month spread and annual salary are correctly calculated.

  • Employees with end dates were extended to June 2021, except contract appointment employees and employees who separated before 1/1/2020. Contract appointment employees were extended to June 2020.

  • Plans for merit increases for FY21 were applied by increasing monthly pay rate by 3% starting in July for all employees (academic and non-academic).

  • The CBR group associated with the employee on the snapshot date was added to the HCP distribution (so it appears in HCP like "A50200 - Acad-Full Benefits-Pct" or "A50200 - Acad-Limited Benefits-Pct").

See the Copy HCM-to-HCP job aid for details on how to use this functionality