September 2017

September 19, 2017

CalPlanning is now available with the following updates:

  • FY18 July and August Actuals
  • FY18 Actual Final and Forecast Working updated with Beginning Balances from Actuals

FY18 Beginning Balance Details

Beginning Balances reported in CalPlan and CalRptg contain data seeded from BAIRS FY18 period 0 Actuals.

For most funds, Beginning Balances do not contain period 0 TempBudg. Only a small number of Contract and Grant (C&G) funds, including Financial Aid and Federal Appropriation funds, have continued to use TempBudg in BFS since the C&G implementation, so their Beginning Balances continue to include Period 0 TempBudg and Actuals in CalPlanning.

These ranges are as follows:

  • Financial Aid Funds (ranges 23490-23548, 23601-23603, and 33980-33990)

  • Federal Appropriation Funds (ranges 21000-21099 and 33870-33899)

NOTE: Data for inactive Contract and Grant (C&G) funds are excluded from CalPlanning for FY18 Beginning Balances (no changes were made to earlier fiscal years.)