February 2017

February 8, 2017

February 2017 CalPlanning Release Notes

The CalPlanning FY17 Forecast and FY18 Operating Budget are now available with refreshed Employee and Position data from HCM and additional enhancements. Thank you to all the CalPlanning users that have provided feedback to improve the user experience.

Browser Quick Tip: Make sure you’re accessing CalPlanning via Citrix or IE 11. If you’re using IE 11, look here for a job aid on updating your settings.

Overview of HCP Refresh and CalPlanning Enhancements

Fund Simplification

In order to simplify the planning and comparison of plan values to Actuals, a subset of the original Plan Only Fund Member types and all 248 of the individual funds previously available in CalPlanning have been eliminated. Now there are 19 Plan Only Fund Members - 5 fund types and 14 detailed fund types. When creating plans for Operating Budgets and Forecasts, planners will have the flexibility to do their planning in the 19 Plan Only Fund Members. Learn more about the changes by reviewing the Plan Only Fund Members by Fund Type job aid on the CalPlanning website. Review the BFS to CalPlan Fund Map Table job aid to identify which of the 30K+ individual funds roll up into the 19 Plan Only Fund Members. All plan data created prior to the FY18 Operating Budget has been consolidated into the new simplified plan only fund structure.


  • FY17 Forecast and FY18 Operating Budget are BOTH updated with refreshed HCP data and are now available for viewing and data entry.

  • FY17 salaries have been inflated by 3% to seed planned FY18 salaries.

  • HCP DeptID adjustments were not copied forward for either the FY2016-17 Forecast or the FY2017-18 Operating Budget. Of the 5,461 lines in the tool, less than half had values associated with them (primarily because planners are not able to delete distributions that may have been valid in prior years).  Planners will need to create new distributions as the need arises.

  • Benefits and fee remission rates have been updated for both years in CalPlanning. The automatic calculation function remains the same as in prior years.

  • Most HCP appointment end dates have been extended for you.

  • Prior Read-only HCP snapshot application, Jan17HCP, is available to allow you to look back to see what your CalPlan and HCP Forecast looked like as of the night of January 31.

HCP - Mass Update Forms

Now that the FY17 Forecast and FY18 Operating Budget Open are open with refreshed HCP data, new HCP Forms are available for adjusting individual employee planned compensation FTE and distributions. These forms allow for mass updates to multiple employees’ values without having to right click and navigate into each individual employee’s details.These forms are available in CalPlan for all finance professionals with the Planner access role. The forms can be found on the HCP Planner Task List within the CalPlan applications. Review the HCP Employee Mass Update job aid to learn more.


  • FY17 Forecast (working) was copied to the FY18 Operating Budget (working).

  • The FY18 Operating Budget has been copied to Read-only Initial version for optional comparisons after planning numbers are adjusted.

  • FY17 Forecast Ending Balances flow to the Beginning Balances of the FY18 Operating Budget during the planning cycle.

  • FY17 and FY18 Central Transfers and Commitments have been loaded into CalPlanning from a combination of actuals data and planned data from the Campus Commitment Database.  

    • General allocation account 71110 has been updated to Actual values for FY2016-17, and FY2017-18 has been seeded with January permanent budget data.  

    • Account 72210 Regents Endowment/FFE Payout has been loaded with data from FY17 Actuals to both the FY2016-17 Forecast and the FY2017-18 Operating Budget.

    • Accounts in the Campus Support 712xx and 714xx series have been updated with the most recent commitments data available by the Campus Budget Office.  

    • Accounts in the 713xx series have been updated with December Actuals for the FY2016-17 Forecast.  Accounts in the 71xxx series will be further updated with Form A data provided by the DFLs.

  • Cell comments from FY16 Forecast have been copied to FY17 Operating budget to assist in your planning. We recommend you edit these comments as appropriate.

CalPlanning Reporting - Quick Access to Accurate Data

  • Reminder: Actuals are now available on a daily basis in CalRptg.