About CalPlanning

CalPlanning, UC Berkeley’s financial planning and analysis tool, supports our efforts to align resources to strategy. CalPlanning enables the shifting of finance professionals’ effort from manual intensive exercises to analysis and decision-support. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a direct line of sight into financial plans and actuals at all levels of the institution that will enable multi-year, strategic decision-making within and across campus constituents.

CalPlanning is the local name for our web-enabled Oracle Hyperion-based technology solution.

CalPlanning was one of UC Berkeley's first Operational Excellence (link is external) funded projects. Background information on this project, including the original CalPlanning Project Chartercan be found on the Operational Excellence website.

CalPlanning Tools

CalPlan, our planning tool provides data entry forms, planner tasks lists, automated calculations and real time reporting for our finance teams to create, revise and analyze summarized (Org levels L2 to L7) future year Operating Budgets and in-year Forecasts by fund types for their units. These plans are the key components to UC Berkeley’s budget process. CalPlan users have unit specific "write" access.

CalRptg, our financial planning reporting tool provides access to the detailed financial Operating Budget and Forecast plans created in CalPlan; as well as daily or ‘monthly closed’ actual data from BFS. CalRptg includes pre-defined report templates and utilizes CalRptg Chart of Accounts (COA), including all BFS COA values. CalRptg users have global read-only access.

Human Capital Planning (HCP) supports the detailed compensation planning components of a unit’s Operating Budget and Forecast using Employee and Position data. With HCP, planners can account for future changes to employee and position data imported from our Human Resources system, Human Capital Management (HCM). HCP users have unit specific "write" access.

HCPRptg provides pre-defined report templates to access the detailed compensation expense plan data created by our planners in HCP. HCPRptg users have unit specific read-only access.

Smart View allows finance staff to view, import, manipulate, distribute and share CalPlan and HCP Operating Budget and Forecast data as well as Actuals in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.


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