Multiyear Budget Template Job Aid

This job aid describes the procedures for using the new Budget Template task in CalPlan, including entering data, adding comments, and running a report to validate the data entry.

Budget Template has two entry forms

The budget template has two entry forms that allow you to enter numeric values as well as comments. Each form is in a separate tab:

  • Budget Template allows planners to populate summarized data for "outer years"

  • Reserves Analysis

Use web or Smart View Excel interface

You can access the Budget Template via the CalPlan web interface or from the Smart View for Planning Excel interface. You can enter data into the Budget Template from either interface. It is not necessary to use both.

The Smart View for Planning Excel interface offers a distinct benefit that is not available with the web interface. With Smart View for Planning, you can download the form with data for each of your L4’s distribute the data in an Excel file to the people managing department budgets for them to complete and return to you, and then you can upload the data into CalPlan. It isn’t necessary for the people editing data in the Excel files to have access to Smart View.

Web Excel
Launch Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Excel
Menu to open CalPlan application Hyperion Planning


  • Easy to log in and connect to data
  • Training has been available
  • Familiar Excel format
  • Can send data to people without CalPlan access
  • Can upload edits from others
Disadvantages Cannot upload edits made while not connected to the server Several steps are required to connect to the server

Process to complete the Budget Template

The chapters on the left are organized around these process steps. Follow a link below or from the menu on the left.

1. Decide whether you want to use the web or Excel interface and load the application

2. Open CalPlan and open the Budget Template

4. Enter numbers and comments in the Budget Template tab

5. Enter numbers and comments in the Use of Reserves tab

6. Run reports to confirm data entry