Budgeting for Experienced CalPlanning Users

Budgeting for Experienced CalPlanning Users


Budgeting for Experienced CalPlanning Users – Slides

CalPlanning Changes and Enhancements for FY2020-21 Budget Process

CalPlanning Upgrade

The CalPlanning server and infrastructure were upgraded in Nov 2019 to improve performance and reliability. The CalPlanning Upgrade job aid explains the first time setup that is required for all users:

  • Web browser setup
  • Campus VPN network requirements
  • CalPlanning Workspace Changes

The paste portion of copy & paste functionality has changed. The Copy Paste Job Aid shows the different steps for pasting with Internet Explorer and with Chrome browsers.

UCPath Conversion Impacts on CBR and UCRP Calculations

With the implementation of UCPath for UC Berkeley in March 2019, Composite Benefit Rates (CBR) are based on intersections of Salary Account, Earn Code, and Eligibility Code. The Central Resource Management Team has distilled all of the possible combinations into five Composite Benefit Rate Groups:

  • Academic
  • Staff
  • Limited (includes PostDocs)
  • Employees with No Benefit Eligibility
  • Students

The rates, CBR flow chart, and logic can be found at https://cfo.berkeley.edu under Composite Benefit Rates.

Human Capital Planning (HCM) Changes

  1. HCP has new distribution accounts to align with the changes in Composite Benefit Rate groups
  2. Beginning February 3, 2020 data from UCPath Human Capital Management (HCM) is available to copy into your plans - Copy HCM Data to HCP Job Aid
  3. Since October 2019, UCRP Supplemental Assessment Interest (Account 53709) is calculated for you
  4. Fee remission (Account 5380X) is posted once per semester in September and February

CalPlan Enhancement: Drill Through - Account Details Form

Drill Through – Account Details is a powerful form. With it, you can move quickly and easily between high level summary and detailed data for viewing and editing.

  • From a high level entity such as a division or department, you can drill through to the details to see the DeptIDs where your plan dollars reside. You’ll also see the details for Fund and Chart1. 
  • With a single command, you can move between summary and detail levels of your data. In the detailed view, you can make edits to your Forecast or Operating Budget. You can enter data one month at a time, or you can enter the amount you plan for the year in the YearTotal column and CalPlan will spread the amount proportionally across the open months.

CalPlan Drill Through Account Details job aid