CalPlanning: Introduction & Reporting

Course Description

CalPlanning: Introduction & Reporting is a blended learning course that introduces participants to the CalPlanning application and reports using the CalRptg database. Participants will learn to generate, modify, print and save reports from the CalRptg database using a library of report templates.

This blended learning course is structured in two parts: self-study comprised of reading and doing practice exercises followed by an instructor-led group session in which we will build on the self-study material with Q&A and case studies. You may request an office hour with the instructor for assistance with the self-study material. Enroll in CalPlanning: Introduction & Reporting to receive invitations to the office hours and online group sessions.




Time Commitment


Install GlobalProtect on your laptop

2 weeks prior to group session

1 hour effort over

3-7 working days


Read and email completed exercises to instructor

No later than 2 days prior to group session

2 hours

Office Hour

Optional – sign up for an office hour if you need help with the self-study exercises

1 hour

Group Session

Online Zoom meeting

1.5 hours


  1. Access to CalPlanning
  2. Familiarity with chart of accounts and chartstrings at Berkeley

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