When creating a pooled position for NON-work study student workers which salary account should I select?


When creating a pooled position for NON-work study student workers, select the salary account, A51231- Staff-Exempt from CBR. This salary account is mapped to the benefit account, A530XX_Stat that will not plan any benefits but will apply the current GAEL rate.

You can review the FY18 and FY19 HCP Pooled Position Salary Account, CBR and Fee Remission Rates job aid to learn more.

What is the difference between an R103 report and a CR103 report?

The R103 SRECNA Med report is run from the CalPlan reporting repository. The plan data reflects the data as of the latest save action taken by the planner in CalPlan. When a planner saves in CalPlan, the edits are aggregated to the entity level set in the CalPlan Preferences.

In CalPlan reports, actual data is as of the Last Loaded Month End Close in CalPlanning, does not include individual Fund details and uses the limited CalPlanning Chart of Accounts (COA).

The CR103 SRECNA Med report is run from the CalRptg...

How do I show that an employee will retire at the end of June, and will not continue into next year?

To remove an employee from your plan Open the Manage Existing Employees and Job Codes task list From the Monthly Pay Rate tab zero out the pay rate in the months you no longer want to include them in your plan. Check out the FAQ on editing data in the forms.


From the Distributions tab zero out the Distribution value for the months you no longer want them...

How do I change the Account Dimension in the the HCP001 POV from Total Compensation to another salary account?

From the.HCPRptg reporting repository launch the HCP001 Employee Salary by Fund and Job Code report.

Select the needed members from the POV selection dialog box and select OK. From the Respond to Prompts dialog box click on the Member Selection icon to the right of the Selection field.

Click the check box to the left of Total Compensation in the right-hand Selected side. Click on the left facing arrow to move Total Compensation to the Available side.

Click on the check...

When can I see plan updates in CalPlan in the CalPlan "R" reports?

Once a planner saves edits in CalPlan, they are available to review in the CalPlan "R" reports. To view the impact of changes made in CalPlan, Planners do not need to wait for the next data push.

With each save, the edits are aggregated up to the highest entity level (set in Preferences) and available to view in the CalPlan reports.

If the CalPlan preferences are set to an L4, changes made at the L7 will be aggregated up to the department or L4 level. If the planners runs a CalPlan report at...

How do I plan for a Vacant Position?

We no longer load Vacant Positions from HCM to HCP.

In HCP you create a To Be Hired (TBH) Employee to serve as a placeholder for the compensation expense associated with your planned employee.

From the Manage Existing Employees and Job Codes task list ->Monthly Pay Rate tab right-click and select Manage TBD -> Add TBH. Select the DeptID (defaults to the DeptID in...

Why are there intersections showing up in CalPlan that are read-only?

There are two possible reasons:

1. If the intersection includes a DeptID that is planned for Inactivation, it will display as read-only to provide visibility but restrict additional planning.

You can learn more about DeptID Inactivation on the DFL Concierge website.

2. If the intersection includes an...

In CalPlan, Enter Data in Form is there a way I can remove all of the rows with no data or zeros?


When working in CalPlan on the Enter Data in Form tab you can hide rows with no data, with zeros or both.

From the row label, right-click and select Filter and choose one of the three options

Hide rows with no data Hide rows with zeros Hide rows with zeros and no data

To unhide the rows once hidden, from the row label, right-click and select Filter -> Show rows with zeros and no data

What is the difference between the two version of the HCP001 reports and when would I use each?

There are two versions of the HCP001. Which version you use will depend on which Fiscal Year, Scenario, Version intersection you are running in your report.

1. Employee Salary by Fund and Job Code will display the list of employees with their corresponding job codes for the entity prompted when selecting:

FY19 Operating Budget, all available versions FY18 Forecast, Working and once available both the Q3 Planner Submission and Final Actual Final all Fiscal Years
If run for any other Fiscal Year, Scenario, Version intersections the report will return the...