Can I change an existing employee's Job Code in HCP?

Yes. From the Manage Existing Employee and Job Code task list, Monthly Pay Rate tab, right-click on the row of the employee whose job code you would like to change. Select Manage employee->Update Employee.
In the Prompt Form, change the job code and add the start year and start month of the new job code. You can also input any changes in Monthly Pay Rate if applicable for the start year and start month.
Make sure that all other *required fields are filled in with all the existing values for that employee as the only thing you are changing is the Job code.  Click the Launch button.
HCP will now display two rows for that employee on the Monthly Pay Rate form, one for their current and one for the newly planned job code. You will need to review the Monthly Pay Rate for the employee and zero out any previous rates that exist once the new rate starts.
updated 3.5.18