January 2019 Release Notes

January 17, 2019

January 2019 CalPlanning Release Notes

The CalPlanning tools (CalPlan, HCP, CalRptg, HCPRptg, SmartView) are available with 2018 December Actuals. The FY2018-19 Forecast Working version has been updated with December Actuals. As a reminder, CalRptg is updated with Actuals on a daily basis.

Dept ID Inactivation

As part of this release, we applied changes for DeptIDs that are in the process of being inactivated. Actuals remain in the original entity but the Forecast and Operating Budget amounts have been moved to the mapped entity....

FY19 Forecast Q1 Submission version available for reporting

November 8, 2018

The CalPlanning planner tools, CalPlan and HCP, are now available with the FY19 Forecast Q1 Submission version available for reporting.

FY2018-19 Forecast and FY2019-20 Operating Budget are now available

September 21, 2018

CalPlanning Community,

The CalPlanning FY19 Forecast and FY20 Operating Budget are now available for planning and the months of July and August have been actualized in the Working Forecast. We opened the FY20 operating budget early to allow you to reflect changes that extend into the next year. Additionally, as we will not need to overwrite HCP data with an annual refresh, there is no reason to delay the opening to February. We continually update CalPlanning with monthly Actuals data, including compensation.

If you...

September 2017

September 19, 2017

CalPlanning is now available with the following updates: FY18 July and August Actuals FY18 Actual Final and Forecast Working updated with Beginning Balances from Actuals FY18 Beginning Balance Details

Beginning Balances reported in CalPlan and CalRptg contain data seeded from BAIRS FY18 period 0 Actuals.

For most funds, Beginning Balances do not contain period 0 TempBudg. Only a small number of Contract and Grant (C&G) funds, including Financial Aid and Federal Appropriation funds, have continued to use TempBudg in BFS...

August 2017

August 17, 2017

August 2017 CalPlanning Release Notes 1. The FY18 Forecast is now available

We copied the FY18 Operating Budget to the FY18 Forecast:

FY18 Forecast Initial is available for reporting FY18 Forecast Working is available for editing (both CalPlan and HCP) and reporting

Read below for more details, including Actuals and Beginning Balance Loads and this winter’s Human Capital Management (HCM) data load into Human Capital Planning (HCP).

FY18 Operating...

What is the difference between an R103 report and a CR103 report?

The R103 SRECNA Med report is run from the CalPlan reporting repository. The plan data reflects the data as of the latest save action taken by the planner in CalPlan. When a planner saves in CalPlan, the edits are aggregated to the entity level set in the CalPlan Preferences.

In CalPlan reports, actual data is as of the Last Loaded Month End Close in CalPlanning, does not include individual Fund details and uses the limited CalPlanning Chart of Accounts (COA).

The CR103 SRECNA Med report is run from the CalRptg...

Where do I find the 5 high-level fund buckets from CalPlan and HCP in the Cal Answers Financial Management Reports?

The 5 high-level fund buckets in CalPlan and HCP are found within the Fund Group column.

If the Fund Group is not displayed in the default of the Cal Answers Financial Management dashboard report, you can right-click on the column labels in the location where you would like to add the Fund Group column. Select Include column and search for Fund Group from the list of includable columns. If it does not display in the list it may already be included in the report or not available.

Fund Groups


When is CalPlanning available?

CalPlanning is available with technical support:

8am-5pm, Monday - Friday, except University holidays

CalPlanning is open but without technical support

7am-8am, Monday - Friday and weekends 5pm-3am, Monday - Friday

CalPlanning is not available: 3am-7am daily

Check out the CalPlanning home page for the latest updates on...

When can I see plan updates in CalPlan in the CalPlan "R" reports?

Once a planner saves edits in CalPlan, they are available to review in the CalPlan "R" reports. To view the impact of changes made in CalPlan, Planners do not need to wait for the next data push.

With each save, the edits are aggregated up to the highest entity level (set in Preferences) and available to view in the CalPlan reports.

If the CalPlan preferences are set to an L4, changes made at the L7 will be aggregated up to the department or L4 level. If the planners runs a CalPlan report at...