Human Capital Planning (HCP)

How do I have a DeptID inactivated in CalPlanning tools?

The process for removing the ability to plan to DeptIDs in CalPlanning is an annual process which occurs each January.

Currently the inactivation process is on hold as we work to finalize the timing and requirements. However, Planners should still submit the DeptIDs planned for inactivation so we can process when we reopened.

Before submitting a DeptID for planned inactivation, please check the DeptID status in CalPlan list. If...

What is the difference between the two version of the HCP001 reports and when would I use each?

There are two versions of the HCP001. Which version you use will depend on which Fiscal Year, Scenario, Version intersection you are running in your report.

1. Employee Salary by Fund and Job Code will display the list of employees with their corresponding job codes for the entity prompted when selecting:

FY19 Operating Budget, all...

What is the Actual Journals value displaying on my HCP001 report run for Total Compensation account for my Forecast or Actual scenarios?

Employee Benefits do not actualize at the employee level in BFS. They are consolidated by chartstring.

When the HCP001 report is run for the Forecast Working for Total Compensation it includes actualized closed months and planned future months. The Actual Journals amounts represent the actualized consolidated employee benefits (Fringe accounts, GAEL, and other accounts that are transacted in BFS at the DeptID level) for the closed months. The Actual Journals may also display when running the HCP001 report for the Actual Final scenario version.

If I have an employee who is leaving that I will rehire for, do I need to remove them from HCP?

If you have an employee who is leaving your unit and you plan to rehire for the job you have two options for planning for the new hire compensations:

1. Reuse the existing plan data. Zero out the Monthly Reg Pay values in the months between when your existing employee will no longer be working for you and you plan to rehire for the position on the Manage Existing Employee and Job Codes, Monthly Reg Pay form. Put a note in the Comments field to indicate that the future plans are for the...

Can I see the employee and position data that was in HCP prior to the simplification and move to Job Codes?

CalPlanning Planners with HCP access can view the HCP plan data within their entity security prior to the simplification process by launching the Jan18HCP from the CalPlanning Workspace-> Home page-> Applications section. This read-only view is in the old HCP layout so new planners may not be familiar with the navigation.

I have an employee in HCP who is no longer working for my unit. How do I remove them from my compensation plan?

updated: 3.06.18

Planners can remove an employee from their HCP compensation budgets by either zeroing out the employee's Monthly Pay Rate or the Earnings Distribution value on the Distributions tab of the Manage Existing Employees and Job Codes form. You will need to know the start month and year that they are no longer planned to be funded from the current entity.

If there are actuals for this employee they will continue to display in HCP and on the HCPRptg reports run for Actual Final and Forecast Working (which now contains actuals for BFS closed months).

Can I change an existing employee's Job Code in HCP?

Yes. From the Manage Existing Employee and Job Code task list, Monthly Pay Rate tab, right-click on the row of the employee whose job code you would like to change. Select Manage employee->Update Employee. In the Prompt Form, change the job code and add the start year and start month of the new job code. You can also input any changes in Monthly Pay Rate if applicable for the start year and start month. Make sure that all other *required fields are filled in with all the existing values for that employee...

Can I change the DeptID, Salary Account, Fund &/or CF1 on a DeptID Adjustment I created in HCP?

When adding a DeptID Adjustment in HCP, planners can select any account from the available list. Once the DeptID Adjustment is created the Distribution elements- DeptID/Entity, Salary Account, Fund or CF1 CANNOT be edited.

If a change is needed, planners should right-click and Add a DeptID Adjustment that has the correct Distribution elements and then zero out the old incorrect DeptID Adjustment as needed.

updated 3.7.18