Human Capital Planning (HCP)

I made changes to my compensation plans in HCP but they aren't showing up in the HCPRptg reports?

Changes made to planned employee and position compensation expenses, pooled positions and DeptID adjustments must be saved in HCP prior to the next data push in order to view the impact of the changes in HCPRptg, HCP, CalRptg and CalPlan. The data push happens 5 times/day Monday - Friday. The first push occurs at 9:00 AM and then every three hours until 9:00 PM.

Do not run CalRptg or HCPRptg reports or refresh Smart View Ad Hoc queries during the first 15 minutes of the push hours.

Check out the...

How do I know which of the 5 Plan Only Fund Members an individual fund rolls up under in CalPlan and HCP?

You can reference the BFS to CalPlan Fund Map Table. The table maps each of the 25,000+ individual BFS Funds to the 5 Plan Only Fund members available in CalPlan and HCP. Use the Find functionality in MS Excel to locate the individual BFS fund in Column A and Column D includes the name of the Plan Only Fund.

As this table is updated with each monthly CalPlanning release it is recommended that you access it...

Can I delete a Pooled Position that was created but no longer needed?

Yes, CalPlanning users with the Planner role can delete a Pooled Position in HCP that is no longer needed for any period in which you are currently creating budgets.

From the Create and Manage Pooled Positions form, right-click on the cell containing the Pooled Position you would like to delete, select Manage Pooled Positon -->Delete Pooled Position Monthly Pay Rate.

We are going to be hiring a additional employee later this year. Is there a way I can add the compensation expenses for this employee to my budget without knowing who the person is yet?

Yes, HCP allows you to plan for a To Be Hired (TBH) employee. From the Monthly Pay Rate tab of the Manage Existing Employees and Job Codes task list,, you can right click and select Manage Employee -> Add TBH. Select the DeptID (defaults to value in the right-clicked row), TBH #, Job Code,...

FY2018-19 Operating Budget open; actualized compensation data and simplified HCP available; FY2018-19 budget process update

February 22, 2018

CalPlanning Community,

The FY2018-19 Operating Budget is now open in CalPlanning. Please read below for information about tool enhancements and budget process planning.

Actualized compensation data and simplified HCP now available

We’re excited to announce that CalPlanning is now open with the following updates:

FY2017-18 Forecast Working is available with all closed months overwritten with actual data for all accounts, including compensation!...

CalPlanning New Hire Planner Training Now Enrolling

January 4, 2018

In preparation for the FY2018-19 Budget Cycle, we are offering three additional CalPlanning classes for our new hire finance staff (start date after February 2016) with the Planner role:

Navigating CalPlan Compensation Planning Theory Navigating Human Capital Planning (HCP)

These classes are part of the CalPlanning series and should be attended in the order listed. The prerequisite for attending Navigating CalPlan is the completion of the four basic classes:

Introduction to CalPlanning CalPlanning Reporting Smart View Ad Hoc Basics 1 & 2

Read more and if you are a newly...

FY18 Forecast Q1 Submission version available for reporting

December 6, 2017

The CalPlanning planner tools, CalPlan and HCP, are now available with the FY18 Forecast Q1 Submission version available for reporting.

As previously communicated, we will be actualizing the forecast later this month. A new version of the forecast called "PriorMonth" is available for reporting. PriorMonth will be overwritten each month; it is currently the same as Q1 submission.

Composite Benefit Rates updated in FY18 Forecast Working

November 17, 2017

October Actuals are now available in all CalPlanning tools and FY18 Forecast Working has been updated with the FY18 final GAEL, Fee Remission, and Composite Benefit Rates (CBR) rates.

Read more details about the release.

FY18 Beginning Balances are available in CalPlanning

September 19, 2017

The CalPlanning tools (CalPlan, CalRptg, HCP, HCPRptg, SmartView) are available with the following updates:

FY18 Actual Beginning Balances loaded for reporting in CalPlan FY18 Forecast Working updated with Beginning Balances from Actuals FY18 July Actuals available for reporting in CalPlan FY18 August Actuals available for reporting in CalPlan

Review the release note for details.

CalPlanning FY18 Forecast is open

August 18, 2017

The CalPlanning tools (CalPlan, CalRptg, HCP, HCPRptg, SmartView) are available and the FY18 Forecast Working is open. For more details, please review the associated release notes.