FY21 Forecast now available

February 5, 2021

CalPlanning Community,

The CalPlan planning application is available with the FY21 beginning balance and July through December Actuals (this data has been available in CalRptg). The FY2020-21 Forecast Working version has been updated with the beginning balance and July through December Actuals. 

Please review the February release notes for details about this update, including:

  • Actualized Forecast

  • FY21 Beginning Balance details

  • Changes to Central Transfers and Commitments related to planned Form A entries

We will open the FY22 Operating Budget in March. Due to the continued uncertainty regarding COVID-19, the FY22 Operating Budget is currently blank and uneditable. We plan to pre-populate the FY22 Operating Budget with the Final version of the FY21 Operating Budget along with updated Campus Commitments when we open the FY22 budget in March. 

Please continue to check the CalPlanning website for details and current information about the system.

If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk at calplanhelp@berkeley.edu

Thank you,

The CalPlanning Team
Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance