How do I have a DeptID inactivated in CalPlanning tools?

The process for removing the ability to plan to DeptIDs in CalPlanning is an annual process which occurs each January.

Currently the inactivation process is on hold as we work to finalize the timing and requirements. However, Planners should still submit the DeptIDs planned for inactivation so we can process when we reopened. 

Before submitting a DeptID for planned inactivation, please check the DeptID status in CalPlan list.  If the DeptID is marked for planned inactivation, indicated by N in the Load to CalPlan column, you do not need to complete the DeptID for planned inactivation request form. 

You can learn more by reviewing the DeptID Planned for Inactivation page on the DFL Conceirge website to learn about the steps, timing and forms needed to request inactivation.