Getting Started

How do I get access to the CalPlanning tools?

To get access to CalPlanning, contact your local CalPlanning Access Provider and request access. Each unit has a CalPlanning Access Provider who can submit a CalPlanning User Access Request Form to change type of access or provide new access.

Check out the CalPlanning Getting Started page for more information.

When I log into the CalPlanning Workspace, I see a blank grey screen?

Anyone with a CalNet ID and Passphrase can log into the CalPlanning Workspace. But only those staff with CalPlanning Access will see the modules displayed.

Check out the CalPlanning Getting Started section of our website for information on the types of access available to our campus Finance professionals and how to apply for access.


How do I plan to a BFS Account that is not included in CalPlan?

You can reference the BFS to CalPlan Account Map Table which lists all of the accounts available in BFS. The table identifies which accounts:

  • are available to budget to in CalPlan, Planning Level  = Individually (column E)
  • are NOT available in CalPlan, Planning Level = Summary (column  E)

For the accounts not available in CalPlan, the table indicates which Plan Only Account members in the CalPlan Account Value (column F) planners should use for planning the intersection. 

Check out the CalPlan Account Values job aid for a list of the BFS accounts available to plan to in CalPlanLists the BFS Accounts available in CalPlan.

How do I know which of the 19 Plan Only Fund Members an individual fund rolls up under in CalPlan and HCP?

You can reference the BFS to CalPlan Fund Map Table. The table maps each of the 25,000+ individual BFS Funds to the 19 Plan Only Fund members available in CalPlan and HCP. Use the Find functionality in MS Excel to locate the individual BFS fund in Column A and Column D includes the name of the Plan Only Fund.

As this table is updated with each monthly CalPlanning release it is recommended that you access it from the CalPlanning Job Aids page rather than downloading and saving a copy.

Check out the Plan Only Fund Members by Fund Type job aid for more information.

Human Capital Planning (HCP)

There are Vacant Positions showing up on the Create and Manage Vacant Positions form in HCP. Are these impacting my budget?

Vacant positions in HCP do not impact your compensation plans.  The form displays any positions within the Entity selected that have an FTE value that is not filled by an active or To-Be-Hired (TBD) employee for the planning fiscal years.  

Interpreting the Create and Manage Vacant Positions Form 

  • Grey-filled FTE Months: Employee FTE= Position FTE
  • Positivie FTE Value Months; Position FTE > Employee FTE
  • Negative FTE Value Months; Position FTE < Employee FTE

You can leave vacant position in HCP if you have any plans to hire back into those positions in the future.  Each year with the HCM to HCP refresh existing vacant position in HCP are deleted and refreshed with the current vacant position from HCM.

You can review the Creating a Compensation Plan Navigating Human Capital Planning: Exercise Packet Exercise 8: Create a New Position (Vacant) and Assign To‐Be‐Hired Employee for step-by-step details on creating and managing vacant positions in HCP.

We are going to be hiring for a position later this year. Is there a way I can add the compensation expenses for this position to my budget without knowing who the person is yet?

Yes, HCP allows you to create a vacant position that you will attach a planned regular salary, FTE, start date and an optional end date (if known). Once the vacant postion is create, you can assign a To-Be-Hired employee into the vacant position.

Check out Exercise #8: Create a New Position and Assign a To-Be-Hired Employee in the Navigating HCP Exercise Packet for step-by-step instructions.

I have an employee in HCP who is no longer working for my unit. How do I remove them from my compensation plan?

Planners can remove an employee from their compensation budgets by using the Transfer/Separate functionality in HCP. You will need to know the effective start date, the first date they are no longer working for the current entity.

Follow the step-by-step instruction included in the Removing an Employee & Position in HCP job aid. 

HCP: DeptID Adjustments

Can I change the Account on a DeptID Adjustment I created in HCP?

When adding a DeptID Adjustment in HCP, planners can select any account from the available list. Once the DeptID Adjustment is created, unlike Fund and Chart1, which can be edited, you cannot change the account member. 

If you need to remove the value it is recommended to zero out the DeptID Adjustment and add a new distribution with the desired account.

Check out the Creating a Compensation Plan Navigating Human Capital Planning: Exercise Packet, Exercise #10: DeptID Compensation Adjustments for step-by-step instructions on entering DeptID Adjustments in HCP.

Is there a way to enter a DeptID Adjustment in HCP and have it added to a specific time period within the planning Fiscal Year?

DeptID Adjustments in HCP are annualized or spread evenly to each month in the fiscal year. HCP will automatically calculate GAEL and any applicable Fringe amounts.   

Check out the Creating a Compensation Plan Navigating Human Capital Planning: Exercise Packet, Exercise #10: DeptID Compensation Adjustments for step-by-step instructions on entering DeptID Adjustments in HCP.

If you would like to apply a compensation adjustment to only certain months within the fiscal year, create a Pooled Position and use the Distribution Start and End Dates to target the expense. 

HCP: Pooled Positions

Can I delete a Pooled Position that was created but no longer needed?

Yes, CalPlanning users with the Planner role can delete a Pooled Position in HCP that is no longer needed for any period of the fiscal years in which you are currently creating budgets.

From the Create and Manage Pooled Position form, right-click on the Position cell containing the Pooled Position you would like to delete, select Manage Pooled Positon -->Delete New Pooled Position.

If you need to keep the Pooled Position for a portion of the fiscal year in which you are currently creating budgets you can manage the Distribution End Date. Review the Navigating HCP Exercise Guide for step-by-step instructions for creating and managing Pooled Positions in HCP.


Human Capital Planning Reporting

I made changes to my compensation plans in HCP but they aren't showing up in the HCPRptg reports?

Changes made to planned employee and position compensation expenses, pooled positions and DeptID adjustments must be saved in HCP prior to the next data push in order to view the impact of the changes in HCPRptg, HCP, CalRptg and CalPlan. The data push happens 5 times/day Monday - Friday. The first push occurs at 9:00 AM and then every three hours until 9:00 PM.

Do not run reports or refresh Smart View Ad Hoc queries during the first 15 minutes of the push hours.

Check out the CalPlanning System Availability page of our website for more information.

There are employees listed on my Manage Existing Employee and Position form in HCP, who are not showing on my HCPRptg reports?

HCP's Manage Existing Employees and Positions (MEEP) form displays all employees who have a Planned Home Department (PHD) that rolls up into the entity selected as the MyOrg in the CalPlanning Preferences -> User Variables.  

HCPRptg only displays employees who have a Distibution Entity in their Distributed Expense or chartstring that is within the Entity selected in the report Point of View (POV).

The MEEP form also does not display any employees in the entity selected, who have one of the 13 Pooled Position job codes. You can see a list of the 13 job codes in the HCP Pooled Position Default Accounts,Fringe, Fee Remission and Salary Admin Plans job aid.

Smart View

How do I get access to Smart View?

Access to Smart View is included with all CalPlanning access requests. 

Campus finance members who require access to the CalPlanning tools, need to have their local access provider submit a CalPlanning User Access Request Form. The CalPlanning data repositories a user can access with Smart View are based on their CalPlanning role of either:

  • Planner (CalPlan, HCP, CalRpgt & HCPRptg)
  • Reporting (CalRptg and HCPRptg)
  • CalRptg (CalRptg).

Once their CalPlanning access is set up, a user can access Smart View via or they can contact the CSS IT Help Desk at or (510) 664-9000 option 1 (for IT), then 2 (for CalPlanning) to submit a ticket requesting an install of the Smart View plugin on their workstation. 

The Smart View tab is no longer showing up on my MS Excel ribbon. Where did it go and how do I get it back?

If you have Smart View installed locally on your workstation, there are several ways it can become disable and no longer display the Smart View tab in the MS Excel ribbon.

Smart View Displayed and Enabled on MS Excel Ribbon

Check out the Enabling Smart View in MS Excel job aid for step-by-step instructions on how you can quickly get your Smart View tab back.