CalPlan, our planning tool provides data entry forms, planner tasks lists, automated calculations and real time reporting for our finance teams to create, revise and analyze summarized (Org levels L2 to L7) future year Operating Budgets and in-year Forecasts by fund types for their units. These plans are the key components to UC Berkeley’s budget process. CalPlan users have unit specific "write" access.

Navigating CalPlan Training 

Prerequisite: CalPlanning Reporting 

This hands-on course introduces new hire finance planners to the CalPlan module of our CalPlanning system.

The CalPlan planning application provides the ability to create future year Operating Budgets and revise in year Forecasts. This computer based training gives participants the opportunity to practice using CalPlan navigation and functionality and to follow a task list to create a plan by entering data and running business rules. Data will be presented according to the "CalPlan COA."

Participants will need to have their CalPlanning role and organization entity access set up prior to this hands on computer based training session.

Please work with your Local CalPlanning Support(link is external) person to submit a request for access.

CalPlan Job Aids