CalPlanning Reporting

CalPlanning Reporting 

CalRptg, our financial planning reporting tool provides access to the detailed financial Operating Budget and Forecast plans created in CalPlan; as well as daily or ‘monthly closed’ actual data from BFS. CalRptg includes pre-defined report templates and utilizes CalRptg Chart of Accounts (COA), including all BFS COA values. CalRptg users have global read-only access.

CalPlanning Reporting Training 

This hands-on course introduces new finance staff to the CalPlanning reporting modules. 
Participants will learn key financial reporting concepts related to CalRptg;

  • how to log into CalPlanning
  • identify key reports used to support the budgeting process
  • set user preferences for accessing unit-specific financial plan and actual data
  • run key budget process reports in their own entity

Participants will need to have their CalPlanning role and organization entity access set up prior to this hands on computer based training session.

Please work with your Local CalPlanning Support person to submit a request for access.

CalRptg Job Aids