Introduction to Calplanning

Introduction to CalPlanning 

CalPlanning, UC Berkeley’s financial planning and analysis tool supports our efforts to align resources to strategy. CalPlanning enables the shifting of finance professionals’ effort from manual intensive exercises to analysis and decision-support. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a direct line of sight into financial plans and actuals at all levels of the institution that will enable multi-year, strategic decision-making within and across campus constituents.

If you are new to CalPlanning, check out our Getting Started Page.

Introduction to CalPlanning Training

This leader-led discussion session introduces finance leaders, planners and reporting only CalPlanning users to the budget process modules and the key concept for using these tools to create and analyze unit budgets 

Participants will learn key CalPlanning concepts, understand how CalPlanning supports the financial goals and strategy of UC Berkeley and the annual Budget Process.

This class is the first in a series of six CalPlanning tool trainings for new hire finance professionals at UC Berkeley.

Introduction to CalPlanning Training Materials

CalPlan Job Aids

CalPlanning Training Videos

Introduction to CalPlanning

Introduction to CalPlanning

Logging In and Out

CalPlanning: Logging In and Out